Jun 24, 2016

Complete Prose: Elisa & Aston

This week I have been enjoying some family time away from home, so I will simply post the prose of Nevera Tales: Elisa & Aston in its entirety. If you enjoy it, please check out our Kickstarter to turn it into a comic book.


             I will spare you the details of how I was captured, for mortals have a limited time for tales, and I would not want you to expire before I am done recounting the pertinent elements of this particular episode. It is sufficient to say that I found myself bound and gagged in some vast underground mine, or dungeon, or both. My face completely enclosed in an iron mask save for one eye so I could navigate my new domain. My captors clearly had some understanding of the nature of vampires; that I would not need to eat or breathe in order to continue my existence. Indeed, completely encapsulating my face was the most intelligent decision they made, for if any blood were to find its way to my mouth it would be very difficult to keep me contained.
            I learned by overhearing the whispers of the guards that I was in a system of tunnels underneath the tower of Celephais, a rather impressive fortification and home to the Kuranes family, the head of which was one young Lord James Kuranes; my chief captor.
            As to my immediate situation, my hands had been bound in such a curious way that I could hold and swing a small tool, but nothing more complex. I explored the tunnels and found brethren of mine, other vampires, ghouls, zombies and such manifestations of death, all bound in similar ways. From their purposeful actions I determined that we were slaves meant to work the tunnels as mines, but searching for I what I cannot say.
            Predictably they were being directed by a necromancer, their wills bent towards this endless toiling, however I felt no such domination over myself. I can only guess that the necromancer did not have sufficient powers to control me, but kept this fact hidden from Lord Kuranes for fear of losing face. Proceeding with this as my best assumption I worked in the mines as the others, allowing the necromancer to continue his illusion and allowing myself to continue existing.

            Seasons passed far above me, I do not know how many. I do not require rest or sustenance and so the passage of time means vastly less to me than it does to you. I do however distinctly remember the smell of afterbirth, (my senses heightened from being deprived of blood so long). Lord Kuranes had sired a son.
            I determined that it was time to take more influence over my future. As progress in the mines slowed it became apparent that the necromancer's power was failing (or they may have even departed completely), and I was able to redirect some of the lesser undead sharing the tunnels with me to new projects.

            More time passed, again I do not know how long. Another generation was born into Celephais. I smelled her coming into this world. Her name was Elisa, although I forget how I came to learn this. I could hear her crying as an infant; she must have been housed much closer to my tunnels than the rest of the family.
            When she was a child she would come to the observation balconies to see us working in the tunnels. She did not seem afraid of us, of me. She did not waste kindness on us, she knew that was beyond us, but she spent a curious amount of time watching us in our realm below the ground.

            Elisa grew older, and I smelled when she became fertile herself. She would visit often, so much so that the guards began to stop noticing her. One day soon after this, without any apparent warning, she simply pushed one of the guards from the balcony. His screaming and thrashing as he tumbled was almost as delicious as his flesh would be.
            When he hit the ground he was still alive, his armor stopping him from becoming totally pulverized. However he was pulled apart in a matter of moments by the various horrors that shared the tunnel with me. I had to destroy some of my fellow undead in order to secure some of his body for myself as there was such a flurry. I smeared and smashed his flesh against my mask, hoping a drop of blood might make its way to my mouth through some tiny gap that had formed since my time in the mines.
            When it touched my lips and tongue, it caused such a spasm in me that my bounds were broken (although partially destroying my arms in the process). I quickly used the remains of my hands to tear off my mask, and began climbing the walls up to the balcony, followed closely by my fellow undead.
            The humans who attempted to bar our way were quickly dispatched. Such was our fury that hardly any of them were whole enough to be reanimated to join our ranks as we tore up and through the tower. That night screams shot through the tower as though it were a mighty trumpet, and blood poured down the steps like a waterfall. I distinctly remember James Kuranes, now old and decrepit, fling himself from one of the top windows to avoid being turned into an abomination.
            I found Elisa in the stables, she wasn't hiding. An impulse took hold of me, and I destroyed two ghouls that were almost upon her. I picked her up and took her away from Celephais.
            We were stood at the edge of the forest, she and I, with Celephais in sight across the clearing. It was the first time I had seen the great tower from the outside, and  I had the sense that it was the first time for Elisa also.
            You would expect me to tell you that I had gently, over the many seasons enslaved in that tower, bent her to my will and gave her the impulse to push that guard to his oblivion, facilitating my escape. The truth is I did not have that power, it had all been her doing.
            If you live long enough, you will learn that it is pointless to ask mortals what they want, the answer will always be shallow and inauthentic. Simply listen to the music in their voice, where their eyes wander, and where their eye keep theirs from wandering. I understood what Elisa wanted.
            I picked her up and placed her head on my shoulder. As I sank my teeth into her neck she gasped and watched the mighty tower crumble and fall, hitting the ground so hard that it caved in the tunnels below it. All those seasons I had spent digging under the foundations of Celephais finally catastrophically obliterated the tower and everything inside, entombing everything Elisa had known.

            I left Elisa there in the forest. We had exchanged our offerings; my freedom for hers. I have not seen her since that night, but if she still exists I expect the world is more interesting with her in it. 

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