Aug 8, 2016

Post Kickstarter Update for Nevera Tales #1

First of all thank you again for your support and patience while production continues with Nevera Tales. It takes over two weeks for the funds to transfer from Kickstarter to the creator, so there has not much to report until now.

Secondly I can reassure everyone that progress with the panel art is continuing on schedule and we are as excited as you are to see the story unfold through pictures and the world of Nevera becomes more real due to the skill and time of Marek Jarocki.

Thirdly we can also proudly show progress on the cover art. I chose to commission an oil painting by Doug Hoppes showing a bird and a bat in conflict, representing Aston below the castle in conflict with the ruling family above. Something a little different for a comic book that I am confident will fit the horror/macabre tone. You can check out the progress here.

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