Oct 7, 2016

Kickstarter Reflection Part Two: Surprises

Last week I wrote about what I felt were the four biggest strategies that led to our Kickstarter success. In this post I will write about the biggest surprises of the campaign.

No Comment
Our Kickstarter page had zero comments for the entire life of the campaign and even until now. This was very surprising because almost every other successful comic book campaign appears to have at least a handful of comments. Did we do such a good job explaining our project there were no queries? Were we uncontroversial enough to be totally unengaging? Did people really see nothing about our project they wanted tweaked or changed? The reasons behind our inability to move people to comment still remain a mystery to me.

Tier Popularity
I expected the vast majority of our backers for our campaign to pledge around the $8 tier or lower, taking a chance on us as an unknown creator and picking up the cheap digital rewards. However in reality the most popular tier proved to be $20 tier. The pull of an original unique piece of art was greater than I expected and speaks to the appeal of our artist Marek Jarocki. However this did mean that when a backer cancelled their pledge for whatever reason it was always a big hit (fortunately this was a rare occurrence).

The Benefits of One Cook
I love working with artists and creative people, but running this campaign really made me appreciate the privileges of having one decision-maker for a project. I expected the campaign to feel lonely, intimidating and insecure. But in the end it was fundamentally empowering to be the sole person responsible for each final decision. And whether a decision was right or wrong, it was most important that a decision was made and made quickly, which is usually only possible with one person at the steering wheel.

I should take this opportunity to praise and show appreciation for Corbin Sipos, a hardworking and talented concept artist (check out his Art Station here) whose advice and input has been invaluable over the years of formulating the world of Nevera. Thank you Corbin.

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