Nov 14, 2016

Minion Mondays 006 Rags

The world of Nevera is overrun with necromancers and undead, all other forms of magic have been lost to time and only small pockets of humanity remain. Each Monday we will be showcasing a new undead minion from the diverse fauna of Nevera, which you can battle and control to increase your own power as a necromancer. 

Name: Rags

Type: Undead

Abilities: Stab, Combust, Fortitude, Drain

Description: A freshly dead individual whose body has been preserved by various arts makes for a robust minion, and any  destructive magics they wielded in life are kept potent also. Normally only encountered in the depths of old ruins, they also have access to lost knowledge which a wise necromancer can make use of. To find them though, one must go to deep places of lost civilizations.  

Art by Matheus Graef


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