Nov 21, 2016

Minion Mondays 007 Dark

The world of Nevera is overrun with necromancers and undead, all other forms of magic have been lost to time and only small pockets of humanity remain. Each Monday we will be showcasing a new undead minion from the diverse fauna of Nevera, which you can battle and control to increase your own power as a necromancer. 

Name: Dark

Type: Spirit

Abilities: Void, Plasma, Might, Choke

Description: Rare and destructive, the Dark is thought to be a combination of the remnants of multiple souls, but this has yet to be confirmed by any evidence. Regardless, such is the power of these entities that they have been reported to distort the world around them, smothering light and warping color. They are embodiments of dark energy, and overwhelmingly destructive. 

Art by Matheus Graef

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