Jan 23, 2017

Minion Mondays 013 Phantom

The world of Nevera is overrun with necromancers and undead, all other forms of magic have been lost to time and only small pockets of humanity remain. Each Monday we will be showcasing a new undead minion from the diverse fauna of Nevera, which you can battle and control to increase your own power as a necromancer. 

Name: Phantom

Type: Ghost

Abilities: Hail, Sonic, Sneak, Dement

Relatively poorly formed in the physical world even for ghosts, Phantoms are common but dangerous due to their affinity for ice magic. They are difficult to detect and come and go swiftly. Phantoms are also occasionally blamed for the loss of senses or wisdom, and can lead to poor decisions on the part of the victim or even incapacitation.  

Art by Matheus Graef

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