Aug 9, 2017

The Last Hour of The Nevera Wars Kickstarter Campaign

We are at the last hour of the campaign and it looks certain that Nevera Wars will not reach its funding goal this summer. Thank you all so much for contributing and helping support this project.
Despite the stress of running a campaign I had really great time, I got to know a bunch of new people and feel a huge amount of pride in what was able to be accomplished. Almost $7,000 is still definitely something to feel great about. 
I will continue to work on the project myself so that I can relaunch with a lower target or in a way that makes it even more appetizing to people. 
A huge thank you to Matheus Graef for working so hard on the illustrations, Marek Jarocki for his support in producing rewards and promoting, and Scott Nicely for the graphic design work. I recommend them highly if you have any art work you need done or if you just want someone super cool to follow on the internet. 
I teach 4th grade public school in California, so with the end of the summer looming I cannot say when I might launch another Kickstarter campaign, but if it is the wisest way to bring the game to life then I'll be letting you know when I do what the plan is!
In the mean time if you'd like to check out the comic book that we successfully Kickstarted and published last year please check out our page here and like us on Facebook for future updates. 
Thanks again, 
Daniel Bishop


  1. Hope your campaign is going great. it would just like to advise if you can mention a bit about your campaign so that newbies can get to know about it as well.

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