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Nevera Duels Card Game

Nevera Duels is a deck construction card game set in the world of Nevera, a world overrun with necromancers and undead. Players construct a deck of 36 minion cards and summon them to battle and defeat their opponent. 

You can download the rule book here.

What Makes it Special 

We are undermining the usual stumbling blocks of deck construction games to give you a satisfying, competitive, and varied experience: 

  • All minion cards can be played face down as resources, meaning there is no possibility of resource screw or flood. 

  • Minions have the abilities and spells, so players are always able to take actions on their turn. 

  • No rare or under-powered cards; every card is designed to be competitive and viable. 

  • You can summon a minion, ascend it, and use its abilities in the same turn for big comebacks. 

  • Shift play style any time, harass your opponent, buff yourself, or just deliver a big swing!

Risk and Reward 

  • Ascending a minion will increase its power, but will be worth more points to your opponent.

  • Placing a card face down as a resource will increase your options now, but will be one less minion to fight for you later in the game.

  • Do you play several cheaper abilities with risks attached, or fewer expensive abilities with sure outcomes?


Art and Inspiration    

  • Nevera Wars has a very particular aesthetic, designed to be dark but not muddy, horrific but not gory, and haunting but human.

  • Visual influences include Dark Souls, Castlevania, Legacy of Kain, Lovecraft, Guillermo del Toro.

  • An important design philosophy has been to make our illustrations inclusive and representative of the diverse individuals they might have been in life. 


Nevera Duels Rules FAQ


Why do you add damage instead of subtract health?

Because if you are adding damage and then ascend a minion, you don't have to change anything on the damage cards. If you are subtracting health, then when you ascend a minion, you will have to recalculate their health points.


Why do the Raider and Knight have different abilities named Fortitude?

Because I goofed up and neglected to rename one of them. Maybe I'll launch a Kickstarter campaign to buy a thesaurus...


What is the difference between the abilities Shell and Beam?

Shell states "Minions you control cannot be targeted by effects except (sword icon)"

This means that your minions can only receive damage, and cannot be made to skip their turn, or lose abilities, or be prevented from ascending, etc.

Beam states "All cards you control cannot be targeted by effects except (sword icon)"

This means that in addition to the effects of Shell, the opponent cannot target cards in your hand, cards in your deck, and your Energy cards, with negative effects.


What happens if a player uses Whip / Flail / Lash / Thrash but there is only one target?

On a successful roll nothing happens, on a failed roll the damage equal to how much the ability cost is applied to the original target.  


Please explain exactly how Brace / Guard / Protect / Wall works.

Until the beginning of your next turn, ignore the first X damage that targets any of your minions cumulatively. For example, if you use Guard to ignore the next 6 incoming damage, and the opponent two abilities totaling 10 damage, only 4 of that damage is actually applied to your minions, and then Guard no longer has any effect. Imagine it as an invisible wall around all of your minions that needs to receive X damage before it disappears, or expires after one turn.  


Can Brace / Guard / Protect / Wall prevent self damage from abilities like Fade / Null / Night / Void?

Yes, but only if you use Brace / Guard / Protect / Wall first.


Please explain exactly how Fortitude / Bolster / Strength works.

On abilities where you must roll a D6 to resolve a 50/50 chance, instead you may choose the outcome of the 50/50 chance, whether it is a positive or negative outcome for you, or a positive or negative outcome for your opponent.

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