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Lore: Minion 001 Pirate

The world of Nevera is overrun with necromancers and undead, all other forms of magic have been lost to time and only small pockets of humanity remain. On Mondays we will be showcasing new undead minions from the diverse fauna of Nevera, which you can battle and control to increase your own power as a necromancer. 

Name: Pirate

Type: Skeleton

Abilities: Thrust, Slice, Focus, Misfortune

Description:  The bone remnants of a long dead pirate, seafaring men and women who resorted to theft and violence as a way of life. Marauding on the open sea had an extraordinarily low life expectancy for Pirates, exemplified by their favoring two offensive weapons over any defense. However, minions who were subservient in life are easily commanded in death.

Art by Matheus Graef

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