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Nevera Tales: Elisa & Aston is a dark fantasy comic book set in a world overrun with undead and necromancers. 


This story is told from the perspective of Aston, an ancient vampire with a violent and adventurous legacy. The story opens with Aston being captured, bound and enslaved, working in a network of mines beneath the castle of his captors. The other creatures in the mines, skeletons, zombies, ghouls and other lesser undead are being magically controlled to dig in the mines, but Aston is able to keep control over his body. Being infinitely patient, Aston digs alongside the undead in order to ensure his survival and bides his time for an opportunity to take back his freedom. 


As decades pass, the young lord who once captured Aston grows old and has a granddaughter, Elisa, whose deformities and illnesses cause her to be shunned, neglected and abused by her family. Elisa is housed near the undead dungeons, and visits them often, identifying with them more and more as she grows older. 


As Elisa grows older and the world around her becomes more dangerous, more undead and more necromancers roam the land and she feels her family's power failing. The creatures in the mines beneath the castle she calls home might be her only way to take control of her destiny, but the price could be dreadful.  

Nevera Tales 1: Elisa & Aston (Digital Comic Book)

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