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With the card game of Nevera Duels players become necromancers and summon undead minions to battle their opponents, using an array of abilities and upgrade their minions into more powerful forms. Construct your own deck from the diverse minions, with expansions coming soon!

Nevera Tales is a series of comic books set in Nevera, a world is overrun with necromancers and undead. Follow the adventure of Alex, a living doll, and Elisa, a centuries old vampire, as both girls attempt to navigate the world of Nevera and find their own places in it. 

Family Vampire.jpg

Coming soon, the first expansion to Nevera Duels will be sold directly on this website, you can subscribe with the purple button above to hear when it is available. The expansion will contain 84 cards, 21 new minions, 14 new ability trees, and an all new minion type: The Undead, as voted by you.

In the world of Nevera, in contrast to skeletons, ghosts, and spirits, Undead refers to minions that are recently deceased or have extended their life through magical means. This includes witches, ghouls, liches, vampires, and mummies.  

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